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Why a garden cable reel?

Launch into it – with the right cabel reel!

There is plenty to do in the garden. After all, everything has to be looked after, maintained, repaired and cultivated. So it is only beneficial to work with the right tools.

We explain to you why a garden cable drum equipped with a cable reel makes your work easier.
For garden work in particular, traditional cable drums are no help. Room for movement is restricted by short cables of the terminal equipment. 
The integrated extension (cable reel) is connected to the power supply and now several metres of cable are available to you for gardening work. 
The cable drum can remain stationary at any position you like – ideal for lawnmowing or for cutting hedges.
The red signal colour of the cable is also easily visible in the grass, thus providing for additional safety.

brennenstuhl® Gartenkabeltrommel

With the brennenstuhl® garden cable reels, you get the power exactly where it is needed: practical and uncomplicated!

Thus you are ready for any project. So what are you waiting for – get to it!